Science-Backed Health & Flavor Benefits of Air-Drying Your Dog's Favorite Treats

Nov 16, 2021
Science-Backed Health & Flavor Benefits of Air-Drying Your Dog's Favorite Treats

As Thanksgiving draws near, your friends and family have likely started debating over what sides and goodies will adorn this year's gathering table. The true labor of love, however, is in the preparation for what will be the centerpiece of it all, the turkey! I'm sure we'd all agree that we've had our share of bad birds. That's what the gravy's for, right? Well, here at Plato Pet Treats, we're master chefs when it comes to turkey. In today's post, we're going to share our methods for the perfect turkey dinner .

Real Turkey as the 1st Ingredient

Our treats are grain free, made with limited ingredients, are naturally preserved, and contain no artificial flavors, corn, wheat, or soy. We source our turkey responsibly from local farmers and mix our recipes in our own facility where we work every day! This advantage gives us better control over the entire process from beginning to end. Providing quality food for your furry family members is everything to us.

After combining our short list of locally-sourced, quality ingredients, we air-dry each and every batch. Our air-drying process allows us to provide maximum palatability (tastiness) for your dog while retaining maximum nutrition in each bite!

Here's where the real magic happens!

In the pet food industry, it is widely known that moistest kibbles are more palatant for dogs… Results confirmed dog’s preference for kibbles with higher moisture. They demonstrated that water content significantly impacts textural properties and volatile profiles of kibbles. Water increased elasticity and probably porosity of the kibbles, leading to a higher release of volatiles, thus a better palatability.


Compared to Freeze Dried Products

Air-dried products contain more moisture which improves texture, as well as “volatility” which means as the moisture evaporates, or when in contact with the dogs saliva, the aroma of the food is more apparent and palatable for dogs. Most freeze dried diets recommend re-hydrating the freeze-dried product for this very reason, where air-dried products do not need to be re-hydrated.

Air drying has also been shown to limit “Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE)," a diverse group of highly oxidant and inflammatory compounds, that can be by-products of high temperatures and long cooking or baking times. Reputable companies and scientists have begun advocating for the benefits of air-drying as a method of preventing toxic AGEs. Air-drying is a really big deal!

Plato Puts Ingredients First

We wanted the best for our dogs too –  so we use limited ingredients, take the time to air-dry, and closely inspect every ingredient that goes in and out of our doors at our facility in Fresno, CA. We love our pets and want to provide the best we can for them, and when we bless them in this way they continue to bless us with a better quality of life and longer lifespan. This is a beautiful thing, and this is what we call the Cycle of Virtue.

This 2 minute video shares how our mission is to make the world a better place by working to grow and elevate the Cycle of Virtue that our company is rooted in to higher and better ways that benefit both people and pets.
The Mission of Plato Pet Treats | Cycle of Virtue

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