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Honestly Healthy Dog Treats

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Real Meat

Honestly Healthy Ingredients

Your dog wants to be happy and healthy too

The best dog treats are both nutritious and also taste great! At Plato Pet treats, we are committed to providing our pets with highly nutritious treats that are as savory as they are healthy! Plato’s propriety air drying technique allows our treats to retain both nutrients and taste and both our customers and their pets agree! Just like us, our pets need nutritious and healthy foods to live a long and happy life. Unlike us though, our pets don’t have a say in what they get to eat. It’s our responsibility as pet parents to feed them the healthy foods they need to live a happy, playful, and energetic life. So, when it is time for your pets next doggy delight, reach for the best dog treats that are sure to make your pet a happy camper! 

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Favorite Snack

Every Ingredient Has a Purpose​

Know exactly what you’re feeding your pet. Our treats are made with limited ingredients that you can pronounce. That means zero fillers and only single-source real meat.

Only the Best For Your Dog

Not only are our ingredients responsibly sourced from our partners, but we also inspect everything that goes in and out of our doors to make sure your pet gets only the best. Plato Pet Treats are air-dried at our headquarters in Fresno, California*. (*With the exceptions of our Icelandic Cod and Baltic Sprat treats)

Treats Your Dog Will Go Nuts For

Your furry friend will be dancing with excitement to get these tasty treats. When our pets get the nutrition they need, they are more playful and energetic.

Our Dog's Favorite Treats

A selection of treats our dogs love

Dog Tested, Pet Owner Approved

We love our dogs too, which is why we created Plato Pet Treats. We believe every pet parent should have treats that are not only healthy but that their dog will go nuts for.

These are the ABSOLUTE best natural and great tasting treats, so my dogs say. They hear the bag and they can hardly sit still. The Baltic Sprat got my new baby GSD house trained in a day!!! LOVE these.
Rhoda Scruggs
Our dog loves all of the Plato products, not just one. They're healthy, nutritious, clean products that dogs enjoy and they make them happy.
Barbara Autry
There aren’t many treats my dogs can have due to a ridiculous list of unhealthy ingredients- these fit the bill in more than one way, not only are they healthy, they are tasty! My dogs go wild for them!
Shannon Damron
The first time I used the duck Thinkers stick was when my senior dog was getting his vaccines and was getting super anxious. I gave him the duck thinker and it was like he forgot where he was and what was about to happen. I just show him the treat and can get him to do anything. He loves them!!!!!! The major bonus is how healthy they are so I don't feel bad about giving them to him.
Amy Kubin
My dogs all went nuts for these treats. I got the salmon flavored treats. I have 3 chihuahuas, while 1 is just under a year and not very picky, the older 2 are very finicky. These treats almost called a full blown war! They loved them. Even the cat came sniffing over to see what was so appealing. The bag got devoured in no time.
Danielle Holder

How to Become Your Dog's Hero

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favorite treats.

3. Become Your Dog's Hero

Watch your dog dance with excitement every time they hear that bag crinkle.

Serious Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Plato Pet Treats, we stand by the plato promise! We know how hard it can be to find the right treats that your dog will love. There’s nothing worse than buying a whole bag of treats, just to have your dog turn their nose up at them. So if your furry friend isn’t dancing with excitement to get Plato Pet Treats, we’ll replace your treats with a product or a voucher for a free product of equal or greater value within 60 days of purchase.

Plato Pet Treats and the plato promise ensures satisfaction guaranteed toward our commitment to our valued customers.

About Plato Pet Treats

Most pet parents don’t know what’s in the food they’re feeding their pet or whether it’s healthy or not. At Plato Pet Treats, we make honestly healthy pet treats with ingredients you can actually pronounce that your dog will be dancing with excitement to get.

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