March 24, 2021

Rest Assured, Our Hundur’s Crunch are Still in the Clear!

As you may have heard, a sequence of earthquakes hit Iceland this past weekend. The chain of quakes led to a volcanic eruption near Mount Fagradalsfjall, about 20 miles southwest of the capital, Reykjavik. Fortunately, it didn’t come as a surprise and has been expected for several weeks. There have been no reported damages or injuries, in fact, Icelanders have been flocking to the site to experience the dramatic scenery.

We’re overjoyed that our Icelandic friends are secure and have the rare opportunity to enjoy some of nature’s wild beauty (from a safe distance)! And we are delighted to report that there have been no disturbances in sourcing our highly sought after Hundur’s Crunch North Atlantic cod skin from Certified Icelandic Responsible Fisheries. We have been in close contact with our Icelandic suppliers and, rest assured, we’re in the clear!

Sourcing means everything to us. We are determined to provide the tastiest, most nutritious treats for your pets and our own. We take pride in considerate sourcing, which means we are thoughtful and intentional about where we buy our ingredients and who we buy them from. We know that our partnership with Certified Icelandic Responsible Fisheries is essential to providing healthy treats you and your dog love.

What is Responsible Sourcing?

Responsible sourcing is our approach to procuring the finest ingredients in the most ethical, sustainable and socially conscious way possible. Supply chain management requires a complex network of moving parts to collaborate in harmony. That is why we maintain a close relationship with our fishery suppliers and visit them as often as we can.

Why is Iceland a Responsible Source?

Iceland is the premier leader in renewable energy, thanks to its remarkable geography and geology that provides both hydro- and geothermal resources.  Almost all electricity in Iceland is produced using renewable energy sources, with 73% of electricity provided by hydropower plants and 26.8% from geothermal energy, accounting for over 99% of total electricity consumption in Iceland.

Why Else is Iceland a Responsible Source?

Some of the richest fishing grounds in the North Atlantic can be found off the coast of Iceland, where cool and warm ocean currents meet to create the ideal conditions for fish to thrive. For centuries, fishing has been an essential part of both Icelandic history and culture. It has been the lifeline of the nation, both as a vital part of the diet, and the primary export product. Rigorous standards are in place to maintain sustainable fisheries, and optimal treatment of the catch.

Have you treated your fur baby to this natural source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, that supports skin and coat health, and helps fight tartar?

Since they are only one ingredient, you can be sure that these treats are grain free and contain no artificial flavors, corn, wheat, or soy.


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