Lamb Treats for Dogs – A Quick Guide for Dog Owners

Jun 30, 2022Nichole Nonini
Dog with a treat on each of his paws

Lamb Treats for Dogs

Keeping your pets happy, healthy, and active is one of the most important things you can do as a pet owner.

At Plato Pet Treats, we put ingredients first because your dog’s health comes first.

Understanding the ingredients and benefits of the food your pet is consuming is just one way to do this. Keep reading to learn all about how lamb treats for dogs can help your dog’s brain function, serve as a substitute for chicken or beef for a dog with food sensitivities, and provide an excellent source of omega fatty acids (for a shiny coat!).

Using real lamb as the number one ingredient in our treats tells you that it is the most prominent ingredient and that there is nothing sneaky going on behind the scenes.

Is Lamb Good for Dogs?

Pet owners who have dogs with food sensitivities or allergies (or even picky eaters) might consider lamb treats as a substitute because of its benefit as a familiar protein. Most dog treats are made with chicken or beef, so switching to lamb can be a good option for the pet who has a chicken, beef, or fish allergy.

Keeping an eye out for food sensitivities and/or allergies is important for any pet owner to do, but did you know that there is a difference between the two? Food allergies are less common than sensitivities and trigger a response from the immune system rather than the digestive tract. This is important when considering what food or treats to feed them as ingredients vary in type and amount and different dogs will have different reactions.

Dogs typically develop food allergies and sensitivities as a reaction to heavily processed proteins in dry dog food. For instance, when beef or chicken is processed and cooked, the byproduct is scraped and then used as an ingredient in dog food. When the dog food is processed and cooked a second time, it degrades the protein even further. These degraded proteins are commonly identified as an allergen in a dog’s digestive system rather than a wholesome protein, and the dog will develop a reaction such as itchy, irritated skin.

If you think your dog has allergies, it is important to consult your veterinarian. Food allergies can be complicated when it comes to pets since their stomachs are much different than ours. Be sure to get an expert opinion!

Best Lamb Treats for Dogs – Our Picks

High quality, healthy, and natural lamb treats are an excellent choice for snacks or training purposes. You can take comfort in knowing that our lamb treats for dogs are air-dried, have limited ingredients, no artificial flavors, and taste delicious.

Chicken vs. Lamb

Lamb is packed with omega fatty acids that will make your dog’s coat shiny and healthy, antioxidants that will protect your pup from disease, and doesn’t contain unnecessary additives, artificial flavors, or corn, wheat, and soy. Not only that, but lamb is also an excellent source of protein, containing 7 grams per ounce!

At this point, you might recognize that lamb is a great option for your pet, but why choose lamb over a more common protein like chicken? While chicken is more of a household name when it comes to pet food, it is also where some of the most common food allergies, such as skin infections, vomiting, and gassiness, are found. Despite it not being considered hypoallergenic anymore, lamb is still a good option as most dogs do not consume it on a regular basis.

Lamb contains omega 3 and 6 acids, which supports healthy brain function and reduces inflammation. Whether you have a senior dog or a puppy, lamb supports growth, maintains overall health, and gives you peace of mind when it comes to your dog’s food.

Lamb and Apple

Your dog needs a healthy energy bar just as much as you do! Using real lamb as our number one ingredient, the On The Go! Energy Bars are a great choice for dogs that are always on the move. Providing pavement-pounding energy, supporting healthy digestion, and packaged as single-serve, easily accessible treats, On The Go! Energy Bars are the perfect choice for the active pet.

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Plato Puts Ingredients First

At Plato Pet Treats, we want the best for our dogs too – so we use limited ingredients, take the time to air-dry, and closely inspect every ingredient that goes in and out of our doors at our facility in Fresno, CA. We love our pets and want to provide the best we can for them, and when we bless them in this way, they continue to bless us with a better quality of life and longer lifespan. This is a beautiful thing, and this is what we call the Cycle of Virtue.

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