Honestly Healthy Dog Treats Can Improve Quality of Life & Increase Lifespan

Aug 11, 2021
Honestly Healthy Dog Treats Can Improve Quality of Life & Increase Lifespan

Here in California's Central Valley, we love the fall.

We enjoy the respite from the sweltering summer and eagerly greet the crisp autumn air. We embrace any and every chance of rain. We savor the fierce show of changing leaves, knowing they'll soon just be a crunch under our feet. There is an abundance of splendor in this season, and we revel in the details.

We think there's beauty in the details, which is why we are extremely particular about what we feed our pets. We understand that you have to start with quality to get quality, and we want the very best for our pets in every season of life. We want to provide you with only the best for your pets too.

Plato Pet Treats was founded by our CEO, Aaron Merrell, in 2006 when his world was turned upside down. After finding out his Border Collie, Maggie, was on the verge of being put down, he decided to make her remaining days as enjoyable as possible by ‘spoiling’ her with only the most delicious, high-quality pet food. After she went on to live another four years, Aaron saw the connection between food made with wholesome, nourishing ingredients and the quality of a pet’s life. Aaron founded Plato Pet Treats to share honestly good dog food that helps pets live and thrive as long as possible.

Cycle of Virtue

The Cycle of Virtue can be defined like this: a chain of events in which one desirable occurrence leads to another which further promotes the first occurrence and so on resulting in a continuous process of improvement. We love our pets and want to provide the best we can for them, and when we bless them in this way they continue to bless us with a better quality of life and increased lifespan. This is a beautiful thing.

This 2 minute video shares how our mission is to make the world a better place by working to grow and elevate the Cycle of Virtue that our company is rooted in to higher and better ways that benefit both people and pets.

The Mission of Plato Pet Treats | Cycle of Virtue

We hope you take some time to savor the details of this beautiful and bountiful season! Sign up to the Plato newsletter to stay connected with us. We don’t want you to miss out on any promotions, events or product releases!

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