Small Batch Bone Broth- Pork

Formulated with your dog’s health in mind, our Bone Broth is the perfect addition to any dogs bowl. Each recipe is packed with nutrition so tasty they will be begging for more. Every small batch of our bone broth is slow simmered for 24 hours with whole bones and vegetables to preserve all the good stuff like chondroitin, glucosamine, and natural minerals. This ancient regimen can be easily added by pouring it over your freeze dried, kibble or raw diet.  Oh and the cat’s out of the bag, this product is safe to share with our feline friends.  Available in a recyclable 16 oz. bottle.

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Water, Pork Bones, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Coriander, Fennel, White Pepper, Honey.

Crude Moisture 97.55%
Crude Protein 1.75%
Collagen 2.28mg
Crude Ash 0.46%
Crude Fat 0.57%
Crude Fiber <0.01% Calcium (mg) 2.8 Phosphorus (mg) 6.9 Magnesium (mg) 1.4 Chondroitin (mg) 21.6 Glucosamine (mg) 4.1 Calories 5.5 *Per Teaspoon (4.5g) *Based on a 4 Tablespoon serving: 96 kcal/kg

No artificial anything

Single Source protein

Locally Sourced Vegetables

Made in California

No Preservatives