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With more and more consumers ordering their pet’s food online, brick and mortar stores like yours need to stand out more than ever. To do that you need two things: great customer service and great products. You already have great customer service, but you need to keep your shelves stocked with great products.

That’s where Plato Pet Treats can help.

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Always have a wide variety of products for your customers to choose from

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We control our supply-chain to ensure you never have a problem keeping your shelves stocked.

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Join 6000+ other retailers in the Plato Pet Treats Family and ensure that you have your customer’s favorite products.

What’s special about Plato Pet Treats?

At Plato Pet Treats we pride ourselves on creating tasty and healthy pet treats that pets (and their owners) go nuts for.

Hundur's Crunch Jerky Fingers
Mini Thinkers Lamb Meat Dog Treats
Wild Caught Baltic Sprat

Zero fillers or byproducts

Responsibly sourced ingredients

Air-Dried for superior taste

We Prioritize Pet Stores At Plato

We know how hard it is to run a brick-and-mortar store in the age of “next day delivery.” That’s why we’ve been helping pet stores just like yours for the last 15 years succeed by creating great products to stock their shelves with.

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About Plato Pet Treats

For over 15 years, Plato Pet Treats has been helping pet store owners stock their shelves with honestly healthy pet treats that pet owners love. Our products are made in the heart of California at our facility using simple, healthy ingredients you can actually pronounce. Our rigorous production standards and commitment to quality are the reason we are preferred by thousands of customers nationwide.

From unique, delicious flavors to exceptional customer service, Plato is your one-stop shop when delighting customers and helping them select the best treats for their furry friend.

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