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Plato Pet Treats

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If you are looking for a treat that is hearty, wholesome, and good, look no further than our Thinkers Stick holiday 5-pack. Made with limited ingredients and real turkey, these individually wrapped treats are the perfect stocking stuffer for your furry babies!  

This delicious treat consists of the highest quality ingredients including brown rice, cane molasses, fish oil, and rosemary extract. What is more, the treat has a perfect balance of protein, fiber, at and moisture. It is no wonder that dogs around the world have come to love this pet family favorite!  

Worry no more about what savory holiday treats you can bestow on your pet. Our holiday 5-pack Thinker’s sticks are just the item for your dog this holiday season!  

If you’re looking for something to go under the tree, we recommend our seasonal holiday gift box. 

If dogs made wish lists, this would be on them. We’ve bundled together a variety of Plato’s most popular treats. This year’s Holiday Gift Box comes with our 6 oz Organic Chicken Strips and 4 of our Thinkers Singles in Salmon, Chicken, Duck, and Lamb recipes.  

This holiday box boasts both EPA and DHA from fish oils and is naturally tasty with no artificial flavors or coloring. If you are looking for some variety this holiday season, we definitely recommend our Plato Holiday Gift Box! 




The Plato Pet Treats Cycle of Virtue 

The Cycle of Virtue can be defined like this: a chain of events in which one desirable occurrence leads to another which further promotes the first occurrence and so on resulting in a continuous process of improvement. We love our pets and want to provide the best we can for them, and when we bless them in this way, they continue to bless us with a better quality of life and increased lifespan. This is a beautiful thing. 


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