Taste Test Goes to the Dogs

Taste Test by Plato Pet Treats at Anaheim Feed
Taste Test by Plato Pet Treats at Anaheim Feed

The 80’s want their taste test back but it’s too late, the “pup-see challenge” has gone to the Dogs and the clear winner is…

At Plato Pet Treats we believe in the products made in our organic certified facility. We’re not afraid of challenges or duels! So after gladly accepting the invitation to host a dog treat preference test, Plato Pet Treats versus the three other “no-name” brand, we packed our bags, treats and our delightful host for Anaheim Feed and Pet Supply. Dogs are opportunists and when the best choice when presented, they will return to what tastes best.  The public must know what the dogs of Anaheim Feed told us.

The study methodology for the pup-see challenge used a traditional blind taste test procedure of removing the branding from both tasting receptacles prior to giving any choices to ensure that the taste is not based on the dog’s reactivity to the sound/look/smell of the packaging. The dogs were then allowed to sniff the two different options of dog treats to give them a chance to choose by smell first. The treats with covered with vented lids. The dog visually showed their preference towards with one versus the other by 1) prolonged or more aggressive sniffing as well 2) which treat they attempted to eat at the first tasting opportunity.

But what if their nose deceived their taste buds? The leading dog treats are chock-full of enticing yet unhealthy sugars and molasses. But nothing beats the taste of good ol’ 90% meat like Plato Pet Treats offers. Well time and repetition told the story best.

Though the taste test is more for fun than anything else, the analysts insisted on letting the numbers tell the story. The study went one step further and moved the dogs away from the food while the vented lids were removed, allowing the dogs to then select which treat to eat in a best two out of three.

So the stage was set, and dozens of doggies Saturday shopping with their humans partook in the games!  The hilarity of working with dogs, cameras, crew, oh and a taste challenge….the follies ensued as you can see in the dog taste test challenge video below.

Doggie Taste Test by Plato Play Video

The Anaheim Feed Treat Taste Test Challenge with Plato Pet Treats

Overall there were 28 dogs randomly selected as they entered Anaheim Feed in Anaheim, CA; Eight small dogs, three medium dogs and seven big dogs.

The results are in – Plato Pet Treats is equal or better than the competitor presented side-by-side with Plato Pet Treats brand dog treat. The sniff test was just a precursor to the actual taste test but it may be interesting to note that there was NO clear winner when measuring by smell. Won one, lost one in the sniff test. In the taste test, 62% of the dogs preferred the taste of the Plato Pet Treat’s salmon treat to the competitor’s treat.