Responsibly Sourced – What does it actually mean?

Plato Pet Treats responsibly sources all dog treat ingredients. This means that the highest quality ingredients are sourced locally and salmon brought from the pacific northwest enables Plato Pet Treats to be healthy and good for the environment.

Have you ever wondered what is in your food, where it came from or how many miles it travels to get to you?  Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your food, but your dogs treats are my specialty! Here at Plato Pet Treats HQ, we responsibly source all of our ingredients.  This helps us create the highest quality treat in the industry – holding true to our healthy philosophy.  #Itsthesmartchoice


So what does responsibly sourced mean? It means Plato Pet Treats strives to locally source our ingredients for the highest quality and control! We source our ingredients in the US with the exception of some European preservatives.  All treats are “Made in the USA”.  We do not do business with Chinese food product companies.  We don’t compromise the quality of our treats to save a couple pennies and are willing to be the example of how to do it right rather than do it for a pretty profit.  Sourcing locally is also green as we do not have to transport the beef, chicken, fruits or vegetables which lessens the carbon dioxide in the environment due to trucking and transporting ingredients.

For our Original Salmon treats, we use a blend of wild and farm-raised salmon, from the waters of Seattle and British Columbia. Rest assured that we extensively test all of it to ensure that it meets our exact standards. And our treats are always single-source proteins meaning we’ll never mix different types or protein (aka meats) together in one treat – yuck!

Responsibly sourcing, in short means that at the end of the day we are happy and proud to go home, say hello to our furry family, and open a bag of Plato Pet Treats knowing we are feeding our best friends the best treats possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of dog treat products are not manufactured by the brand themselves. We pride ourselves on making all Plato Pet Treats in our beautiful manufacturing facility here in Fresno, CA. This gives us an additional level of quality control over the production of our dog treats.  We are all dog lovers here at Plato Pet Treats and pass along that love to you and your family through our bags of treats. Next time you open a bag of Plato Pet Treats take a second to smell the love, or the healthy meat it’s all the same.