Plato Pet Treats are “Made in the USA”

"Made in the USA" is a seal that makes us proud!

A seal we have earned which shows
our commitment to quality, and the american economy.

Plato Pet Treats is happy and proud to say that we are in fact, “Made in the USA” with responsible sourcing.  This means that we know exactly where our products are grown, and we can visit the farms for our single-sourced protein sources anytime we want. It’s all local! We use fruits and vegetables that are 100% organic and grown in the San Joaquin Valley right by Plato Pet Treats Headquarters in Fresno, CA. And, because we use everything local, we get to directly affect the economy in Fresno – and all of California. More demand locally, more jobs locally!

“Made in the USA” is not something that just anyone can stick on their brand or packaging. There are requirements governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that must be met in order to use one of many seals available. The FTC laws apply to all products advertised or sold in the United States.

These FTC requirements include:

  • Must be manufacturing product(s) for seal use for the preceding 12-months in the United States of America.
  • Must not use broad words like, “Our entire product line” if in fact it is only a portion of the line. Specific seal use with specific product is the governed use.
  • Make or grow a product or service that is “all or virtually all” made in the USA. The company must be able to substantiate this claim with “reasonable proof”. The “all or virtually all” terms were confirmed in a 1997 review of the law.
  • When determining all or virtually all, the FTC gives the business the burden to the business and encourages cost of goods analysis to determine whether “all or virtually all” of a product is Made in America.¹

You would not believe how powerful getting that seal really is; according to consumer reports, 78% of consumers would choose the “Made in the USA” seal over the “non-sealed” product. Additionally, 60% said they would happily pay more for the “American Made” stamp of approval.  And 60% of Chinese respondents said they would select the “Made in the USA” stamped product over Chinese-made product.² That says a lot!

Using this seal is something we pride ourselves in. It’s the healthy choice, the natural choice and the smart choice!  We support our dogs, our people, and our country. So, the next time you want to show some love and reward your dog with a good treat, choose the treat that is not only healthy for them, but is healthy for our economy, too!


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