Pet Product News Announces Small Bites Coming Soon

Plato Small Bites 300g organic chicken
Plato Pet Treats Responds to Veterinarian's Request for "Low-calorie, nutritional treat" with single source protein, "Small Bites" dog treats.

Pet Product News covers Plato Pet Treats "Small Bites" acknowledging that it answers veterinarian's call for a lower calorie dog treat.

More exciting news coverage for Plato Pet Treats! On January 30, 2015, Pet Product News, the leading pet industry news magazine covered “Small Bites” in their January 30th online publication.

The news source acknowledges that not only have veterinarians been asking for a lower calorie treat to fight obesity as well as prevent obesity, but so have consumers and dog trainers.  It has become a national need to develop nutritional products that respect the dog obesity epidemic in America.  Dog obesity is a host and precedent for several other maladies that can end a dog’s life prematurely.  With that in mind, Plato Pet Treats responded in kind with  the announcement of their new “Small Bites” product with nearly 90% fewer calories than the average treat and the same great responsibly sourced ingredients and natural nutrition.

Co-founder Aaron Merrell was quoted in the article:

“We consistently hear veterinarians ask for more lower-calorie treat options for their patients, especially since nearly half of the dogs in the U.S. are obese,” said Aaron Merrell, co-founder and co-owner of Plato Pet Treats. “At the same time, we recognize that dog owners love to give their dogs treats as a sign of affection or reward. With this in mind, we formulated Small Bites to meet everyone’s needs—lower calories, palatable treats packed with natural nutrition.” – Read the full article at Pet Product News.

Plato Pet Treats Introduces New Low-Calorie Option
Plato Pet Treats Introduces New Low-Calorie Option