Massage Therapy Miracle for Dogs

Doggie Massage Therapy
Doggie Massage Therapy

Whether your dog is injured or aging,
massage therapy and natural healing methods
have been providing dogs with miraculous
cures over the past decade.

Natasha Manrique, is the owner and certified massage therapist at Royal Paws Canine Club.  Natasha has been professionally training dogs for over 5 years and added a massage therapy certification to her credentials when she saw repeated recovery in injured and senior dogs with leg and back pain/ limp. There are many natural remedies for canine ailments that we will continue to dive into like different massage therapy types and uses.


Secret Remedy: Canine Massage. Surprise is the most common response when I tell clients about dog massage and the accompanying benefits. “You can’t be serious. Massage?! For dogs?! The answer is a resounding “yes!” When was the last time you received a therapeutic (or even non-therapeutic) massage? Think about how great you felt afterwards; rejuvenated, de-stressed, relaxed, and ready to take on the world again, right? In the same way that we pamper ourselves when dealing with stress and/or injury, we can also pamper our canine companions. In fact, canine massage is indicated for a large variety of canine ailments including general stress, lack of vitality, old age, surgery recovery, anxiety, muscle stiffness, and arthritis to name a few. Canine massage can also be used to treat muscle strains, sprains, hip and elbow dysplasia, anxiety/stress and aid in recovery from torn ligaments.

What are the benefits of dog massage you may ask?. The answer is many. Increased oxygen flow and range of motion, stretched and relaxed muscles, improved circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, flushed out toxins, reduction of anxiety and tension, improved digestion, endorphin release to replace muscle pain, and improved mood and disposition are just a few benefits of canine massage. Recently, I was called upon by a client to visit one of her three Newfoundlands who had sustained a pulled muscle after having leapt from the groomer’s grooming table. Treatment began with a massage and canine stretching techniques one time per week. Results were obtained almost immediately, and treatment ended for the pulled muscle within one month – in that time Winston was back to normal and had successfully healed with no lasting damage. I now massage Winston and his brother Sherlock and sister Belle one time per month prior to water rescue competition shows that they compete in.

Baxter, a medium sized mixed breed, came to Royal Paws Canine Club with severe arthritis that his vet had planned to treat with medication. Seeking homeopathic treatment strategies as an alternative, Baxter’s owner sought massage therapy treatment from me. After Baxter’s last visit to the same veterinarian, the doctor was shocked by Baxter’s level of improvement. When asked what prompted such a remarkable recovery, Baxter’s owner shared that canine massage had been the defining factor. Was the arthritis completely and utterly vanished forever? No. After all, nothing, including medication, is a silver bullet solution. However, Baxter’s arthritis had been significantly reduced to much more tolerable levels. Consequently, Baxter appeared in good spirits, relaxed, and comfortable as a result of his treatment.

For those of you with canine companions, healthy or unhealthy, I encourage you to give canine massage a try. For dogs currently in good health, canine massage is an excellent supplement to maintaining this healthy status. For dogs experiencing pain, fatigue, or altered mood states such as anxiety or depression, canine massage has the ability to act in a healing and restorative fashion and at affordable prices.