Meet Plato Wags Back Recipient, Special K-9s

Plato Wags Back Honors Special K-9s. These talented dogs are a Search & Rescue team's biggest strength!

As part of our Plato Wags Back mission and movement, we are highlighting a special group that work extremely hard to serve our country in an area that most would shy away from.

Special K-9s is a Texas-based 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide agencies with experienced and professional volunteers to assist in the detection, location, and recovery of buried primary crime scenes and hidden remains using specially trained cadaver and forensic canines. Special K-9s can provide expertise in the location of human remains and evidence and are skilled in crime scene preservation.

Each K-9 unit is dedicated to assisting law enforcement and search and rescue personnel. They will provide a professional search and recovery dog team specializing in land, water, ash, and vehicle. They have worked on a variety of cases including but not limited to: Missing Persons, Commercial & Residential Fires, Homicide Investigations, Rural and Urban Searches, Vehicle Evidence Searches, Water Searches, and Man-made or Natural Disasters.

Earlier this year, we donated treats and other products to help raise funds for this amazing organization. We supported a week-long instruction seminar for Search and Recovery teams, to improve their ability to assist law enforcement and serve their community. Over 20 handler and canine teams from around the country participated.

Having a local Search and Recovery team in your community means that there are trained volunteers ready to be of assistance to law enforcement agencies in the event that someone in YOUR community becomes lost or missing. It means that these volunteers, who are your neighbors, care and donate a great deal of time and money to learning the skills that will enable them to efficiently help law enforcement should the situation arise.

We thank Special K-9s for their hard work, dedication, and service.