Are You Pet Ready for Summer?

Keep Your Dog Safe this Summer with Our Helpful Tips!

Article by Aedan Kiernan

Pets and dogs in particular love summer and see it as a great period for play and exploration. You can ensure your dog has a fantastic summer by following a number of instructions designed to help you keep your dog safe during the warmest months of the year. There are many tips to take note of including grooming your dog, watching out for sunburn and lungworm and keeping them hydrated.

Watch out for sunburn

Sunburn can be just as harmful to dogs as it can to humans. Not taking steps to protect your pet from sunburn can mean risking skin cancer. Some dogs are more vulnerable to sunburn than others. Your dog may be at significant risk if he or she is light-colored hairless, white-furred or short-haired. Red or raw skin can be treated by natural remedies including aloe vera. You should book your dog in for an appointment at the vet if the signs of sunburn don’t go away after this.

Defeating lungworm – install artificial grass?

Lungworm is another thing you’ll need to watch out for in the summer. Your dog may be infected by the parasite if they swallow a slug or snail. You can reduce the chances of this occurring by clearing your garden of snails and slugs as soon as you see them and keeping a close eye on them when you’re out and about. Lungworm can be fatal, so you may even wish to invest in artificial grass. By installing fake grass you massively reduce the number of snug and snails and the risk of infection. There are plenty of synthetic grass companies like Forever Green Lawns who make artificial grass for pets.

Do you have toxic plants?

It’s a good idea to obtain a list of toxic plants that are likely to harm your dog. Once you know which plants present a threat, you will know which ones you need to keep your dog away from. Even apples can pose a risk thanks to their seeds, so it is wise to spend time researching which plants could cause harm. If you’d rather not remove plants from your garden, you could simply make it harder for your dog to access them. Here’s a list of toxic and non-toxic plants from the ASPCA. 

Keep them topped up with water

It’s also important not to underestimate the value of water. Dogs can become dehydrated quickly, especially if they are playing in the sun. Make sure they have a constant supply of water whether you’re at home with them or out and about. You may also wish to groom your dog as the warmer months approach. Long hair can make your dog too hot and become snagged. Trimming his or her claws is also a wise move as they too can become snagged during playtime. If you’re heading out to new territory, keep your dog on their leash until you’re fully confident they won’t get lost.

The value of midweek exercise

If you’re the kind of dog owner that takes your pet out for long walks and runs at the weekend, make sure they also get some exercise during the week to avoid giving them a shock to the system. Sudden bursts of activity can cause pain, whereas they’re less likely to suffer from aches if they at least get some exercise most days. You can ensure your dog has a brilliant summer by following a few simple steps. Eliminating hazards from your garden is a great place to start.