Plato Ambassador ‘Clifford’ Marquardt Shreds onto the Team

Clifford at the beach
Clifford Rocking the Shade Overhead and On-the-Face

Melissa Marquardt, professional wakeboarder's dog, 'Clifford' joined the Plato Pet Treats Pawesome team of YEAHDawg Ambassador's of fun

Meet ‘Clifford’

Clifford is the very proud member of the Marquardt family, and boy is he one loved pup! His loving mom Melissa Marquardt is the Women’s Wakeboarder of the Year and often cooks home-cooked meals for him but he LOVES the Duck Small Bites and Organic Chicken Real Strips. “Clifford” is Mel’s faithful companion and the two of them sure do go on some spectacular adventures together. We are so excited to partner with such a stylin’ Poodle. The partnership will surely be pawesome. ‘Cliff’ certainly has a fantastic nose for excellence. He can clearly sniff out the responsibly sourced, safe and delicious Plato Pet Treats. “Clifford” absolutely has a nose for good quality, and we hear he’s VERY PICKY! Follow his adventure on Instagram by following @PlatoPetTreats and @_Cliffstagram.

Clifford Representing Pawesomeness ~ Gnar

Melissa Marquardt- Professional Wakeboarder

Melissa grew up in Canyon Lake, California. Fortunately for Melissa she lived by a lake, so she grew up in the water dabbling in all sorts of watersports. After discovering wakeboarding at the ripe young age of 12, Melissa and her brothers spent every day after school and the entire summer wakeboarding. The gang loved spending time on the boat, swimming, and wakeboarding.

At the age of 13 Liquid Force gave Melissa her first board and awarded her a spot on the Liquid Force team. After becoming a member of Liquid Force, Melissa began competing in local contests. She attribute so much to her mentors who made sure her riding was going in a positive direction. At 15, Melissa competed in her first Pro contest in Hawaii which was the first time she realized she this might be an actual career path!

As Melissa progressed and she was able to make a huge impact on the sport as well as for women wakeboarders and action sports athletes in general. When Melissa is not wakeboarding on the lake in the summer, you can find her working out, snowboarding and skateboarding during the winter. She also loves to go to boat shows and travel and cook – she is one of the healthiest people we know! She likes treating ‘Cliff’ with Salmon & Veggies Real Strips or Thinker Sticks because they are “easy to snap into little pieces and have such a strong aroma ‘Cliff’ can’t resist them. Plus I like a balanced treat with veggies or just the simplicity of a 90% pure protein, no added anything treat for ‘Cliff'”

One of Melissa’s favorite places in the world is Australia, and for the past 5 years she has spent a great deal of time there – unfortunately with little ‘Cliff’ staying home of course. With her super supportive sponsors, she has been able to travel the world and loves every second of it. Melissa also gets to work with her sponsors on the creation of new boards and equipment and it is great to see her ideas come to life – most notably the waterproof vest. Melissa is always looking to push her riding to the next level which happens best when she gets to shred with friends – especially the other ladies who rip. Who knows what else this fine lady will be able to accomplish. But we sure will stay tuned in to see! And with ‘Clifford’s’ mad reporting skills, I am sure we will be posting some #YeahDawg Ambassador updates of their travels.

"Officially would like to announce my new partnership with Plato Pet Treats all organic and yummy! Thank you for the swag ! #gopro @yulino"