Plato Ambassador ‘Sid’ Skateboarded onto the Team

Meet Plato Ambassador 'Sid' Who Skateboarded Into Our Hearts
'Sid', short for 'Obsidian, is Plato's newest doggie ambassador. His dad is the world's best street skateboarder, Chris Cole.

Meet 'Sid' - the newest Plato Pet Treats Ambassador. 'Sid' was adopted into the Cole family. His dad is the Professional Skateboarder Chris Cole, one of the best street skateboarders in the world. Wonder what adventures 'Sid' will go on!

Meet Plato Ambassador 'Sid's Dad Who Skateboarded Into Our Hearts

Where did Plato dog ambassador ‘Sid’ come from?

We (the Cole’s) have always wanted a dog. If we would have had it our way, we would have gotten one before having kids. Life took a turn and we had an awesome human puppy instead! We didn’t want to adopt a dog without being able to give it proper care and attention. 

Our youngest human will be 5 this year, so we felt 2015 would be our year for a dog. Around November, I heard about a Cattle Dog mix that had hopped a fence while owners were on holiday and met a beautiful French Mastiff neighbor (oops!)… And out popped their amazing litter of 5 boys!  The mothers owner needed homes for these boys, and in such a small community, word spread fast and they got snatched up!

In January, one of the puppy’s original owners had dropped out and he needed a home. The timing couldn’t have been better as we will have a few months of great family time before Chris is out touring, and after reading at length about the breeds, we were finally able to say yes. Meet Obsidian… Sid for short!  He is 11 weeks if you can believe it. He is beautiful, stoic, and intelligent. He feels like he has been here forever.  Thanks Plato Pet Treats –@RedCole and @ChrisCobraCole

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CHRIS COLE – professional street skateboarder

Professional skateboarder Chris Cole, through his continual domination of competitions, has clearly earned himself the top spot amongst the elite of skateboarding. Rather than succumbing to the trappings of the “live fast and die young” mentality, Chris adopted his own credo of “live rad and die proud”. A career that was first set into motion at the ripe old age of 14.

At a time in life when most kids are figuring out what video game to play next, Chris had made the determination that he would forgo college and make his way in life by skateboarding full-time. Chris was raised in Levittown, PA outside of Philadelphia. While in the Philadelphia area, Chris entered into local and regional skateboarding contests starting in his pre-teen years. He won them early and he won them often. He quickly established himself as an elite talent and landed corporate sponsorships by the age of 16. Chris credits the development of his riding style to his willingness to shred and skate all physical obstacles that present themselves in the realm of street skating. He has received honors from the industry and direct praise from the fans like Transworld Skateboarding’s “Readers Choice Award”. He has the rarified distinction of being only one of two skaters twice named Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” (2005 & 2009). The Dew Tour, Maloof Money Cup, and Battle of the Berrics 2 are just a partial listing of contests he wrapped up for victory. There was also the back-to-back gold medals he won in consecutive years at the X Games, ESPN’s elite action sports event. He became a featured rider in the smash hit video games “Skate” and “Skate 2″ while also making numerous appearances in videos such as “Bam Margera: CKY2K”. In early 2011, Chris was brought into Zero Skateboards as an official shareholder. Chris also announced another major piece of news in 2011, as DC Shoes signed Chris to their elite skate team. The foundation of his career advancement has been the passion and pure joy he has in his soul for skateboarding.


Meet Plato Ambassador 'Sid' Who Skateboarded Into Our Hearts